CellPhonesLord - Took my money with no intension of sending product

Culpeper, Virginia 1 comment
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If you are interested in the new E-cig, Beware of a company called Cell Phone Lords aka YZ Company,USA,Inc. They will take your order & money in a N.Y. minute as their order line is open 24/7 But their 'Customer Service" is missing in action,no matter what time you call & emailing them is a joke as well !Ordered on 3/14/10 via priority mail have not seen YET ! Received one reply from them saying PCC Charger on Back order,but would send the rest of my order. Haven't seen or heard from since !

Found them through"Bing's" Cask back rewards program ! Shame on Bing as well now I'm Out 115.Bucks And have no product as well

Review about: Smoking.



You should of gone through ebay to buy from him, ebay would have taken care of it for you.

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